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Dan Steven: Links

You Tube
Dance at My Funeral song by Dan Steven; video created by Amber, who lost her friend and was blessed by Dan's song.
You Tube
"Jordan" on video with Dan Steven concert footage and Jono and Emily's wedding; created by Jonathan Riesebos
You Tube
"Kite-Flying" on video of the early life of Dan Steven; created by Jonathan Riesebos
Colleen Steven singing "Heaven Hear Me" 2009
you tube
You tube video of Will Yensen playing "Walk My Way"
Beggars and Kings
At CD baby, the best indie online music store, ever!
Voices from God
at CD Baby
Dan's My Space Page
Created by Jan Klooster
Fire Escape Recording
Douglas Romanow, producer. Toronto.
Jef Kearns Music
Jef Kearns, Flautist -- R&B, Nu-Jazz, Hip Hop
The Big Dirty Orchestra (BDO)
blues and groove based band ... with Mr. Chuck Bucket (aka Sultan as I know and love him) on drums, conga's, Djembe, Buckets, and Timbales
Brian Walsh: Selected Publications
Selected writings of Brian Walsh, Chr. Ref. Campus Ministries, U of Toronto
London Free Press article
By James Reaney, Dec. 8, 2002
Brain Tumour Family
Honouring our loved ones who have lost their lives
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
Official Website of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
Dr. Rolando Delmaestro
Brain Tumour Research Center at the Montreal Neurological Institute
My Newfoundland Adventures
Summer/winter wilderness experience of Newfoundland, off beaten track.
Admiral's Adventure B and B
St. John's, Newfoundland (709) 576-2201
CHRW Radio London Archives 2003